LOOSC charges fees per session, irrespective of the length of stay.   The sessions run Monday to Friday (term time) between 7.15am and 8.50am for Breakfast Club and 3.10pm and 6pm for After School Club.

Fee structure from September 2017

  Fees are charged at                             Per Child Morning Session                                  £5.85 After School Session                            £8.60   The Club recognises that childcare can be costly, so we encourage eligible parents or carers to claim the childcare element of the Working Tax Credit. We are also registered to accept a variety of childcare vouchers (please speak to Club Manager about your chosen company) We are now registered with the new Government Tax Free Child Care Scheme.   
  • Fees are payable monthly in advance
  • Fees can be paid by cheque, electronic transfer, or standing order
  • There is a charge of £10 for late collection, which will be added to the next invoice
  • The club charges a registration fee of £10.00 per child
  • The club accepts childcare vouchers
  • Fees are charged for booked sessions whether the child attends or not

Payment of fees

  Fees are reviewed annually by the registered person. The Club will consider requests for variation to payment terms on an individual basis. Anyone making these requests should contact the Club Manager / Administrator at the earliest opportunity. Any queries regarding fees should be directed to the Club Manager / Administrator.   Parents / carers are strongly advised to speak to the Manager or Administrator if they have a query about the fees policy, or if, for any reason, they are likely to have difficulty in making a payment on time.     Recovery of late or outstanding fees   If fees are not paid in the month that they are due, the following procedure will take place   The Club Manager / Administrator will speak to the parent or carer to remind them that payment has not been received.   After 10 days - Letter one will be issued, requesting payment at the earliest possible opportunity. This will incur a late payment charge of £10.00.  If the parents or carers are having difficulty making the payment on time we recommend that they arrange a meeting with the Club Manager to discuss payment options as soon as possible.   After a further 7 days - Letter two will be issued, requesting payment is made within the next 7 days.   After a further 7 days – A Legal letter and an invoice for administrative charges will be issued.  This will include a formal warning to the parent or carer informing them that continued late payment will result in their child’s place at the Club being withdrawn.   Any bank charges that the club may incur due to unpaid cheques will be added to the next invoice.           Additional Sessions   Casual users must pay for any sessions at the end of the session / week.   Regular users who book extra sessions will be issued a separate invoice for payment which may be added onto their next monthly payment.       Child Sickness / Holidays   All contracted hours must be paid in full regardless of attendance / non-attendance due to sickness or holidays.     Closure   Should the school need to close, due to circumstances beyond our control, refunds will not be given.     Collecting Children   All children must be collected no later than 6pm Monday to Friday.  There is a charge of £5.00 per 10 minutes per child for the late collection of children.  A separate invoice will be issued on this occasion.     Termination of the contract   LOOSC reserve the right to terminate the contract between ourselves without notice in the event of unsuitable behaviour from parents or non payment of fees following the non payment procedure.   If you wish to terminate your contract with LOOSC then 4 weeks notice is required in writing by either letter or email.otice if th